Fattorie Garofalo

For over sixty years, Fattorie Garofalo has been active in the buffalo milk-dairy sector through multiple activities closely linked to one another: buffalo breeding in the farms, transformation of raw ingredients into Campania Buffalo Mozzarella PDO and other buffalo milk and meat specialties, and management of shops and catering activities.

Our strong vertical and horizontal integration is Fattorie Garofalo’s added value: by fully controlling the supply chain, quality and traceability are guaranteed in every one of our products.

We always know what we are offering to our final consumers, in a daily journey (link to video) that starts from breeding and milk collection, passes through its transformation and ends on shop shelves and on your tables.

Our supply chain is fully traceable.

A group with global numbers

Seven farming-husbandry holdings, 15,000 buffaloes bred, 3,100 hectares of land cultivated with fodder, and an annual production capacity of over 15 million liters of buffalo milk: this is what makes us the largest buffalo breeders and buffalo milk producers worldwide.

Buffalo breeding has been part of our culture from time immemorial. We know what buffalo should eat and how to process their milk. And we take care of them day by day.

Putting our heart and our passion in what we do is the essence of everything.

This is why we strive every day to combine tradition and innovation in all our fresh, genuine and healthy products.

Our Brands

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Fattorie Garofalo’s philosophy and supply chain are complemented by our Retail Shops, where you can enjoy dishes made with our buffalo dairy and cold cut products.

Thanks to the Travel Retail channel, we can regard ourselves once again as global ambassadors of Campania Mozzarella PDO.

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An ambitious mission:
bringing excellence to the world

Every day, we bring our products to over 40 Countries worldwide, whilst ensuring freshness, quality and flavor at any latitude.

An effort recognized and appreciated by many people, who made us global export leaders of Campania Buffalo Mozzarella PDO.

We are reliable partners of leading brands and players of international GDOs.

Here is where you can find us:

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100% Sustainable

A synergistic combination of photovoltaic systems and biogas helps us to cover the energy requirements of our plants.

Preserving the environment is an ethical imperative; this is why we constantly strive to search for new tools to improve our business footprint.

Technological innovations in our husbandry farms are proof of how Fattorie Garofalo has invested in circular economy, over the last few years

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Our Territory
is part of who we are

Fattorie Garofalo’s story is intertwined with the story of Terra di Lavoro, an area in the Caserta hinterland that has always been devoted to farming and animal husbandry.

Fattorie Garofalo has always – and will continue to – devote the utmost attention to the nature of its territory and of the entire Planet, in a story that revolves around innovation and respect for tradition, day by day, page after page.

Our Facilities/Sites

Fattorie Garofalo:

Via S. Maria Capua Vetere, 121
81043 Capua (CE)

Casaro del Re:

Via S. Maria Capua Vetere
81043 Capua (CE)

Buffalo Beef:

Via Galatina, 4
81020 Capua (CE)