Campania Buffalo Beef. Good, healthy, Italian.

Buffalo Beef is not just a play on words.

Buffalo Beef is part of the Fattorie Garofalo Group, and it breeds, processes and sells buffalo beef.

Buffalo beef is tender and tasty, but also light and lean: perfect for a balanced diet.

In every Buffalo Beef product there’s love for nature, with heads of cattle bred in a healthy, genuine and monitored way.

A guaranteed supply chain

With many heads of cattle bred in the Roccamonfina Regional Park, Buffalo Beef is the first European facility specialized in buffalo beef transformation.

The supply chain approach combines production efficiency and products with high qualitative standards that can be traced at every step of the production cycle.

This has significant effects on distributors and consumers, such as the guarantee of always having a typical, genuine and quality ingredient.

Buffalo meat: nutritional properties.

Buffalo meat is a red meat: Buffaloes store fat outside the muscle tissue; therefore it is visible, it acts mainly as coverage, and it is separated from lean parts.

Buffalo meat has a greater content of stearic and oleic acid (two neutral fat acids for human cholesterol levels), and linoleic acid (an essential acid fat), compared to cow meat.

These characteristics have a significant effect: buffalo meat has a reduced quantity of cholesterol, making it perfect for those who struggle to keep their cholesterol levels in check.

Twice as much as cow meat
One of the leanest beefs on the market.
Perfect for children, seniors and athletes.
Perfect in any kind of diet.

Buffalo meat has a higher content of proteins and iron compared to other red meats. In addition, the animal’s higher fluid retention makes the meat juicier.

Research conducted by several universities – including the Veterinary Department of the Federico II University of Naples – have shown that the organoleptic and nutritional qualities of buffalo meat are perfect for children, convalescents, athletes and seniors.

Buffalo meat specialized breeding center

Buffalo Beef S.r.l. is the first company in Europe with a specialized buffalo meat breeding center, aimed at obtaining high quality meat whose nutritional characteristics are enhanced by its organoleptic properties.

Unique taste and flavor, with full health safety, while respecting its naturalness, every step of the production cycle.

Buffalo Beef’s system starts from food-grade and health checks carried out in partner companies, where calves are bred).

Approx. 1,300 heads of cattle (full capacity) are bred in the Galluccio corporate center, until they reach 400 kg and 14-15 months of age.

Their weight and age enhance the meat nutritional value and flavor, through a nutrition based on fodder, grains and other natural foods.

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