International buffalo mozzarella ambassadors since 1962.

Today, Fattorie Garofalo controls an entrepreneurial group with seven farms and three production facilities, plus its own chain of travel retails.

This is the result of a constant supply chain extension and completion process, carried out through the years with important innovations and acquisitions.

Fattorie Garofalo’s long story is intertwined with the Story of Terra di Lavoro, and evolves every day in the sign of innovation and respect for tradition.



  • 1
    Purchase of the first farmland and conversion of cow holdings into buffalo holdings.
  • 2
    Establishment of the first buffalo mozzarella production system and cheese factory.

In 1962, the Garofalo family purchased the first farmland in Capua and started breeding Mediterranean buffaloes.

This tread is linked to the ancient local cheese-making tradition, where cheese wheels were made in the original bufalare – typical round masonry structures in which fresh milk was transformed into mozzarella, caciocavallo, provola and ricotta.



  • 3
    The Garofalo dairy factory is established in Capua.
  • 4
    Acquisition of the main Garofalo srl-Sant-Aniello holding.
  • 5
    Change of the corporate image into Fattorie Garofalo.

The 1990s were years of great development and changes: the Sant’Aniello holding was acquired to increase internal buffalo milk production

In the meantime, in 1996, Campania Buffalo Mozzarella became an EU Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) product: an important achievement also for the Garofalo family, which has always promoted the Consorzio di Tutela della Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP (Consortium for the Protection of Campania Buffalo Mozzarella PDO). 

The turning point were the early 2000s, with a new image, a new concept and a brand: for the first time ever, we talk about “Fattorie Garofalo”. 



  • 6
    Increase of buffalo dairy, meat and cold cut production through the acquisition of Buffalo Beef.

The acquisition of Buffalo Beef made Fattorie Garofalo one of the first players offering buffalo meat on the market.

In the past, buffalo meat was a big part of the diet of breeders families and people in the towns surrounding the holdings, and now it is useful to meet the demand of alternative (leaner and healthier) meat.

Another important milestone of this period was the acquisition of the Torcino in Ciorlano farm, transformed into a buffalo holding.



  • 7
    Retail development in Italy and abroad.
  • 8
    Acquisition of the Arianuova farm, transformed into an organic buffalo holding.
  • 9
    Acquisition of Fattoria Apulia from the Amadori Group.

In 2015, Fattorie Garofalo got even closer to its consumers with its own chain of shops and catering points.

The first Retail Shops were born: apart from its products, they also sold Made in Italy gourmet specialties and wines.

The qualification of the Arianuova farm into an organic holding was linked to the entrepreneurial Group’s will to become as green and sustainable as possible.

In 2020, Fattorie Garofalo acquired Fattoria Apulia in Cerignola (Puglia). The farm has over 2,500 buffaloes and spreads over 1,850 hectares.