all the way.

Today, being sustainable means making business choices that put the environment, the territory and people first.

To us, being sustainable all the way is a must:

We produce energy from renewable sources, and renew our commitment to a circular economy in agreement with the Green New Deal.
We continue to offer employment and professional growth opportunities in our territory, with ethical certification of our work relationships.
We want our products to become a way to make our local gourmet excellence known, in a constant journey between cultures, Countries, symbols and sentiments.
From an economic management standpoint, Fattorie Garofalo Group’s investments pursue a specific policy: taking into account both horizontal and vertical supply chain development. We focus greatly on the growth of our farms.

Environmental sustainability and green philosophy

Animal welfare is one of the key points at Fattorie Garofalo, and we strive every day to care for our buffaloes in a way that also respects the environment.

Some of our holdings are near natural parks and forests: here, preserving the ecosystem is essential, and we do it by protecting local flora and fauna.

Traceability and quality control on “end products” actually start on the field and in the stables.


Alternative energies

We made significant investments to increase our production of alternative energy and reduce emissions during our production processes to a minimum.

Organic Production

The Arianuova farm has obtained the Organic Farming certification: here is where Fattorie Garofalo takes part of the milk for the Organic range.

The Sant’Aniello farm has its own fodder drying plant: all our buffaloes are fed almost entirely with internally-produced fodder.


The Territory

Fattorie Garofalo’s story is intertwined with the story of Terra di Lavoro, an area in the Caserta hinterland that has always been devoted to farming and animal husbandry.

This area has always has its reference point in ancient Capua, the center of the plains that seamlessly extends from Garigliano to Lake Patria.

Here, mozzarella was already present after the year 1000, although it was marketed broadly only centuries later, with different transportation and preservation techniques.

Nothing happens by accident


Our high quality products are the result of a nature that has been happy for centuries.

Capua is a city built on the ruins of the ancient Roman town of Casilinum in the 9th Century BC. Main town of the Terra Laboris and one of the largest cities of the Kingdom of Naples, Capua is a center of great artistic and cultural value.

Here, the pursuit of excellence was already expressed in works such as Santa Maria Capua Vetere Amphitheater, the massive Royal Palace of Caserta and the Royal palace of Carditello.

In the Royal Palace of Carditello, in the 18th century, Ferdinand IV of the Kingdom of Naples created a model farm for growing grain and raise rare breeds of horses and buffalos, spread over an area of 2,000 hectares, called the “Real Bufalaria”. In Carditello, the Bourbons established the first dairy farm ever to transform buffalo milk into cheese; up until then, buffaloes were only used as hauling animals.

Marketing the gourmet specialties of a territory means also knowing and respecting the historical-cultural treasures of our origins.