The Farms

We care for the welfare of our buffaloes and their nutrition every single day. Everything starts here, in our seven farms, where animals are free to roam in wide pastures and eat fodder harvested in the over 3,100 hectares of fertile land, where we cultivate corn, wheat, barley, oats, medicinal herbs, triticale and ryegrass.

Genuine and monitored food they can feed off whenever they want to.

Eyes, arms and hearts that follow them for their entire life.

Over 15 thousands heads of cattle, an internal milk production of approx. 15 million liters per year and the goal of covering 70% of our internal demand within 2026.

Fattorie Garofalo Husbandry Farms

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Pignataro Maggiore (CE)

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Fattorie Reale Di Torcino
Ciorlano (CE)

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Fattoria Marrucaro
Ruviano (CE)

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Fratelli Garofalo
San Tammaro (CE)

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Garofalo srl
Francolise (CE)

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Fattoria Colle Lepre
Località Galluccio (CE)

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Fattoria Apulia
Cerignola/Zapponeta (FG)

In 2020, Fattorie Garofalo acquired 100% of Fattoria Apulia from the Amadori Group.

One of the largest breeding companies in Italy, Fattoria Apulia has over 2,500 buffaloes and spreads over 1,850 hectares. In addition, it is equipped with a 1.2 megawatt photovoltaic system for energy production, which will allow the Group to continue to expand their milk and cheese production with zero emissions.

Circular Economy and Energy Self-Sufficiency

The way we care for our buffaloes is matched by our concrete commitment to protect the environment – our home we should all take care of.

This is why we have sustainable energy production plants.

To know more about our energy production –›

Quality control on finished products starts on the field and in the stables.

Every company has its own specific role.
Here are some examples:

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The Arianuova farm (Pignataro Maggiore) has obtained the Organic Farming certification: here is where Fattorie Garofalo takes the milk for the Organic range;

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The S. Aniello farm (Francolise) and the Arianuova farm have biogas production plants that generate over 5 million kwh/year;

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The S. Aniello farm (Francolise) has a fodder drying system that collects the heat generated by the biogas plant: all buffaloes are almost entirely fed with internally-produced fodder.