Our buffaloes and their milk.

We only use buffalo milk from the PDO area for our products.

However, you play an essential role in our story. You write the ending every time you choose, taste and recommend one of our products.

We are the largest producers of buffalo milk worldwide with approximately 15 million liters per year; and these numbers are destined to increase, thanks to the buffalo breeding developments on the 1,850 hectare Fattoria Apulia.

The secret of our milk is in the way we care for our buffaloes and their nutrition, in a balanced way throughout the year.

In order to ensure high quality standards, we mainly use fodder cultivated in our Farms.

Our supply chain is fully traceable. It is an integrated supply chain, monitored all steps of the way.

Over 1200 internal checks performed every day

Every day, we carry out more than 1,200 internal checks on the milk we produce to ensure safe, monitored and certified products.

Over 60% of them are analytical checks (such as fat, proteins, pH) and the rest of them are process checks (pasteurizer, shuttle valves, process fluids pH). 

In addition, every year, we carry out 2,020 external chemical-physical tests, part of which directly on our milk.

We also carry out all standard microbiological tests.

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