A story
we write every day.

We have been international buffalo mozzarella ambassadors since 1962.

Every day, we put care and passion in everything we do to ensure that every single one of our products is fresh, high quality and good.

From our buffalo pastures to our Retail Shop recipes, everything comes to life in our supply chain.


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Green Philosophy

The way we care for our buffaloes blends in with our respect for the environment and a production focused on energy savings. Some of our holdings are near natural parks and forests: here ecosystem must be preserved by protecting local flora and fauna.

100% sustainable

We generate 10,000,000 kWh of renewable energy/year. A synergistic combination of photovoltaic systems and biogas helps us to cover the energy requirements of our plants. Our husbandry farms are proof of how Fattorie Garofalo, over the past years, has invested in circular economy, aiming at energy self-sufficiency, and reducing the emissions of its production processes.

supply chain

Healthy, traceable
and sustainable.

The complete supply chain control allows us to follow every step of the process carefully to ensure fresh, good and safe products, at all times. In our Retails, Fattorie Garofalo products meet the taste and desires of even the most demanding palates.


The excellence and quality of our products and processes is proven by several certifications, essential to export our products worldwide and become strategic partners of important GDO players.

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T​ravel Retails​ are places where scents and flavors become windows on our land and its finest products.

Here, Fattorie Garofalo’s products are reinterpreted in a fun and innovative way by our chefs. And scents and flavors become emotions that are remembered by, even by fleeting visitors.