Keepers of Craftsmanship.

Casaro del Re is the second production site taken over by Garofalo, and this production facility is closely linked to the Capua territory and traditions.

Casaro del Re’s passion and experience combine the taste, texture and richness of a handmade product, to the safety, reliability and control behind the production of one of the best foods man has even known: Campania Buffalo Mozzarella PDO.

The Garofalo Group has taken over the cheese factory in 2001 with the aim of creating a cutting-edge jewel of craftsmanship, to rediscover the knowledge, mastery and experience of cheesemakers who combine the taste of tradition with supply chain safety and traceability, every single day.

A quality you’ll find in the products sold both in the in-house shop and through specialized local distributors.

Craftsmanship and love for the territory

Campana Buffalo Mozzarella PDO, braids, nodini, and also buffalo ricotta and burrata offer a unique taste, thanks to a farm supply chain that starts with breeding the buffaloes outside of the stables. Here, buffaloes can feed freely from selected ingredients.

Products are made with buffalo milk obtained from holdings in the Caserta area and scrupulously monitored throughout the entire supply chain.

The entire process is carried out in the sign of craftsmanship, with a few concessions to modernity: from milking – made with the most cutting-edge technologies – up to milk collection and quality control systems, performed on every single batch.

A very fascinating aspect is the way the milk is processed: here, we see all the mastery and experience of the Master Cheesemakers. Temperature, salt quantity, machine adjustments and every other aspect of this process are meticulously cared for.

Casaro del Re supplies the Windsor Royal House, and it is said that Her Majesty Elizabeth II of England is particularly fond of our mozzarella.

Where does the word “Casaro” come from?

To explain the meaning of “Casaro”, we need to go back in time to the second half of the 18th century, when Charles of Bourbon commissioned the Royal House of Carditello, a few kilometers from Capua.

He was succeeded by King Ferdinand IV of Bourbon, who established a buffalo holding on a 2,000 hectare area (then called «Real Bufalaria»), and transformed the Royal House into the largest buffalo supply chain of the times.

Several documents show that this initiative launched the mozzarella production business.

So, who were the Casari?

The Casari were the artisans who worked at the Estate, and their job was processing milk and transforming it into fresh or aged cheese.

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