Fly with Fattorie Garofalo

Are you leaving from Napoli Capodichino airport? Take some buffalo mozzarella with you! When buying in our shops at the airport you will be given a special packing admitted on boarding.

IAMME, it’s time for a break!

On March 25th a new bar-restaurant Fattorie Garofalo was opened at the international airport Napoli Capodichino. Come and taste our fresh, natural specialties and many buffalo milk-based delicacies, from the classic mozzarella to ice cream and yogurt which will amaze you.

Milano’s risotto loves buffalo mozzarella

A new flavour to a traditional dish? Make a risotto with saffron and fried pieces of courgettes and ham.
When it’s ready, add small pieces of smoked buffalo mozzarella. Buon appetito!