Buffalo Beef’s product range is wide and consists of:

  • Cold cuts: Annutolini, Dried sausage, Salame a grana grossa, Bufalino, Bresaola, Sfilacci, Buffalo mortadella e smoked Speck.
  • Preparations: Hamburger and buffalo sausage.
  • Cuts of meat: Royal, Shoulder Fesone, Fillet, Roastbeef, Entrecôte, Walnut, Rump, Topside, Sottofesa, Rear Round.
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Buffalo meat belongs to the red meat group: buffaloes deposit fat out of muscle tissue, so it is a fat present mainly on the cover but separated from the lean parts. This makes buffalo meat tender and tasty, but at the same time lean and light, therefore suitable for a balanced diet.

Our Packaging

Our packaging keeps products good and fresh right up your kitchen.


Modified atmosphere packages guarantee the maintenance of the organoleptic characteristics for the entire shelf life of the product.


Through the elimination of oxygen, the main responsible for oxidation of a product, the vacuum gives protection to the meat, as well as a prolonged shelf life.


Thanks to the total absence of air, the film becomes a second skin which increases its shelf life and blocks the product on the tray, without releasing liquids. Also excellent formats to be moved on the shelves.

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