Assapora la differenza

mozzarella100Taste the mozzarella Fattorie Garofalo. It is not like the others: you can see the difference in its consistencty, in its taste and in the intensity of the liquid that comes out from a single morsel. You can feel its special flavour just looking at its white porcelain surface, smooth as a soft skin marked by intense milk scars that let you imagine the big spun paste that generated it.

Care, experience and the typical production area make the difference.

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GDO e Servizi Logistici


You wil find GDO firms and some Big Brands among the customers of Fattorie Garofalo. This is why our products are completed by many additional services available like: custom packaging, eCommerce B2B web orders, integrated logistic according to the intenational standards,  quality sharing through web applications for suppliers, information exchange via EDI.


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Qualità superiore


Win a bet!

Enjoy to discover how many people know that the Mozzaella di Bufala Campana DOP (Buffalo Mozzarella) is made 100% from the milk of domestic water buffalo without any compromise. You will find prople ready to bet that it is false...Bet some kgs of Mozzarella and invite them to join us in Fattorie Garofalo to discover the perfect combination of taste, tradition and quality!

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Bella: Bio Mozzarella

bella piccola

Discover Bella! The first Bio Mozzarella made only from the milk of Campania buffalos, breed with bio agricolture.

Fattorie Garofalo follows the consumers' choices. This let us open new horizons through investments in researches and development working with the Association and Universities.

Table pleasures

sfiziosa piccolaHave you ever tried the Buffalo ricotta? Try it as a nice and dietetic snack or as an ingredient for those traditional dishes usually prepared with ricotta. You will try a new, fancy pleasure for you and your guests.

Try Sfiziosa by Fattorie Garofalo.

Mozzarella flies with you


Fly with Fattorie Garofalo! Take your flight at the Naples International Airport Capodichino and bring with you Mozzarella safely. Make a pleasant surprise: buy our products in our big shop at the airport and you will be provided with a special wrapping accepted when boarding.

Gran Gourmet

burro piccoloBuffalo Butter, Buffalo ricotta, trecce...

The range of products made from buffalo milk is wide. Fattorie Garofalo offers specialists and food - lovers a range of products able to meet all the requirements with not yet known tastes. Try the pleasant taste of the buffalo butter!


Discover Bella!

biologicanewDiscover Bella!

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