Good for everybody

Fattorie Garofalo works exclusively buffalo milk and offers its clients a wide range of packaging and size of its products, satisfying any kind of need, from home use to restaurants and processing firms.


The Buffalo Mozzarella from Campania is a product with a unique, intense flavour and certified by the European Union. It is made with just buffalo milk, which even after being worked keeps its typical intense, slightly sour flavour. It is produced with quality ingredients, without preservatives.


Produced with a few simple ingredients and without preservatives or OGM to offer a totally natural product. It is worked exclusively by hand, as it is quite difficult to shape, and is made braiding skillfully a stretched piece of cheese. 


Fresh and tasty. Paired with your favourite ingredients, make any second course a special course. They are produced with quality raw materials following the Italian dairy tradition and have an intense, unique taste.