A unique, personal experience.

Don’t laugh, just try. Bite a Fattorie Garofalo, 100% buffalo milk mozzarella. Feel its texture, the intensity of the whey drops. Enjoy its elasticity and pleasant hardness, its intense taste of buffalo milk, with hints varying from slightly sour to cream flavour.

The real Buffalo Mozzarella from Campania d.o.p

(PDO) is defined as a soft “pasta filata” cheese (stretched cheese) exclusively made of whole buffalo milk, as provided for by the disciplinary code in DPR 28/9/1979.

How knowing it 1

The real Buffalo Mozzarella from Campania has the brand " Buffalo Mozzarella from Campania", the protected designation of origin (PDO) under EU law and the logo of the brand producers association.

How knowing it 2

Look. Porcelain white, pearl-like colour, smooth and shiny outside, with a very thin, less than 1mm. crust containing the “pasta filata” inside. In quality mozzarellas the film gets detached from the inside quite clearly.
Cut.  When you cut it, drops of whey pour out, which look milky and smell of milk enzymes. The outside film gets detached clearly. 
Bite. Elasticity and hardness of the cheese help you understand its freshness: in the first twelve hours after production the mozzarella is slightly elastic, while it gets more melting afterwards.