Fattorie Garofalo, generations at work

The tradition of real buffalo mozzarella has been more and more appreciated during the years, passing from a craft dairy to a market leader activity. And this craft touch is just the feature of a leading company producing Buffalo Mozzarella from Campania a denominazione di origine protetta (DOP). The decade-long experience is the heritage to new generations, who always work their way up in the field.

The buffalo system from Campania
Fattorie Garofalo has chosen the cooperative system, which gathers buffalo breeding with over 6,000 animals. This kind of organization has stimulated a constant growing of any part of the “system”, reaching the production of 5,000 tons of finished product per year.

Organized for quality

All our choices aim at getting the highest quality. With this objective our executives implemented IT systems able to keep a good quality/cost balance. Fattorie Garofalo wants to offer taste to most demanding consumers and be main partner to retail trade and top brands segments, providing them with a reliable, complete service.

Breeding is even a love gesture

There are many ways of breeding cattle. Despite its size, Fattorie Garofalo goes on keeping great respect and love to buffalos, strong animals with placid disposition. We don’t call buffalos by name as in the past, yet this is the point of reference for our dedication – together with the most state-of-the-art technologies.

Terra mia (My land)

The history of Fattorie Garofalo is strictly linked to the history of Terra Laboris, the land round Caserta which has always been dedicated to agriculture and breeding. Here mozzarella already existed after year 1000, yet it was possible to merchandize it only centuries later, thanks to transport and preservation techniques. From the origins to the future, Fattorie Garofalo took, is taking and will take great care over this land and all the planet.